The FRēTIRED Method™

will teach you how to grow your net worth boldly in order to fulfill your life goals and your wildest dreams.
You are ready.  Let's do this.
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Money Mindset

Reframe your thoughts, uncover the contentment behind the millionaire mindset, and learn how to change your money habits.

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Mind the Gap

Grow the space between your income and expenses. Learn tricks and tools to widen the gap so you have more to invest.

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Learn how to invest and create a flexible plan. Become financially independent and never NEED TO trade your time for money again.


There you are, welcome!

 I'm Peggy Atwood

and I am honored to walk alongside you on your journey to financial independence.
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Sandy / CFO, 60+

"The FRēTIRED Method™ helped me to understand the mechanics of investing and showed me how much of my hard earned money I would be giving up by putting it in someone else’s hands. My money sat idle for years because I didn't trust anyone with it. Peggy's work also resulted in 13% growth in the profit margin of our business. She helped us to overcome fear and in the 3 years since, I have personally increased my savings/investment nest egg by almost $400k!"

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Brittany / HR, 20+

"My credit score has increased 70 points and I am now saving over $600/mo. Having a a self-employed, single-income family as a child; I grew up in a paycheck cycle. Inevitably, this carried through to my adulthood. I never felt judged or shamed about being in a paycheck cycle in this program, but I did feel empowered, learning it didn't have to be that way. I now feel a freedom I’ve never felt before financially. I feel like I have someone in my corner when it comes to all of my money questions."

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Rachel / Bookkeeper, 30+

"The method taught me to get real about my finances and showed me the importance of reducing recurring expenses. I decided that facing the truth about my finances was no longer an option. It illuminated the importance of savings and now my goal is 50% from my main income source and 100% from my side hustle. On a modest salary, I have gone from over $11k in debt to just under $10k in savings. I am proud of the changes I have made for my future while enjoying an abundantly full life."

The FRē 2-week workshop launches in 2021

You are ready for freedom.  It is possible.  Grab your spot.

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